‘From nature, back to nature’

This sentence represents the spirit of Yecosoul. Reduce the impact on the environment taking into account the shoes life phases. At the time that the shoes get useless, would be no waste since each of these nutrients will return to the land where they came from and then re-born, closing the life cycle of products. The #yecoshoes , are biodegradable and made completely with fully natural products , when their useful days end , will act as a fertilizer , and  any living organism like humans, animals or plants through the digestion of natural materials and subsequent fertilization of crops. The #yecoshoes are an initiative to help the environment from the pollution that causes the regular shoes all over the world and provide the users a high-quality product that allows them to contribute to the health of the planet, by using a product that essentially comes from it.


#yecoshoes are made and inspired by the olive tree because we use the leaves that fall from this plant to develop the leather for our shoes. These leaves inspire our logo as well as our brand name. The ‘Y’, come from the shape of an olive leave as well as it means in Spanish, like and invitation to be part of our soul, our ecological, natural and slow fashion movement, that is focus especially in making the people contribute to the well-care of the planet with just a simple step . Within #Yecosoul we pretend to aware our customers from the benefits that a shoe completely made with natural materials provide to the world, and introduce them in how to develop a new generation of shoes that will remain with the beauty of dancing but will also make a benefit to the world, because when they get damage they will return to the land, without harming the land in any negative way.