You are what you wear!!!, conscious consumption.

What do you know about conscious consumption? We’ve all heard the expression “You are what you eat”. So how can we apply the above statement to the clothes we wear? “You are what you wear” – what does that mean? It’s quite simple really. Let’s use the example above again. Think about fast food – what terms come to mind when you think of this? Cheap, greasy, fake, plastic – that about sums it up. It’s cheap, because the ingredients used are processed and filled with so many additives that you can rest assured that the cheese on your supposed cheeseburger no longer has anything to do with actual cheese – it’s more like something that vaguely resembles cheese but is made of a bunch of chemicals designed to make it last longer and sell cheaper, in other words: It’s fake. We probably pay more for the plastic containers our burgers, fries and sodas come in than we do for the actual food. Imagine what it must be like working at a burger joint like Mackie D’s: Morning, noon and night you are surrounded by the greasy smell of processed meat and fries, having to deal with snarky, greedy customers and all that for minimum pay. If you know all these factors and still choose to eat at McDonalds rather than make your own burger with fresh ingredients at home, that’s basically called ignorance. The same goes to people who buy their clothes at cheap retailers, knowing full well that the 5 Euro top they just scored was laboured over by an under-aged child for a measly 1 Euro an hour. It’s bad karma! And on top of that, a lot of the materials used in cheap clothes are made up of toxic chemicals. So ask yourself: If you’re worried about what you’re putting in to your body, why aren’t you worried about what you’re wearing on your body?

Although fair trade organic clothing has the tendency to be more costly, at least you’ll know for sure that your clothes were made out of the best materials by people in fair working conditions. Perhaps it’s all about changing your attitude: Instead of buying several cheap tops for 30 Euro, why not spend the same amount of money on just one top? It will last you a lot longer than those tailored with low quality materials and it will feel great on your body and your conscience. “You are what you wear” – conscious consumption, that’s what it’s all about!