Yecosoul is dedicated to making eco friendly shoes and to help address the major problem of pollution caused by the commercial shoe industry. Each year 300 million shoes are discarded. They take 200 years to decompose and the process of recycling is complicated because of the types and variety of materials. Therefore we are working to find sustainable alternatives.

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  • Eco friendly shoes


Yecosoul have reinvented the concept of shoe manufacturing utilizing processes that are ecologically sound and do not harm the enviroment. With this in mind, we have created an everyday shoe using the highest quality materials, techniques and attention to detail.
  • 100% Natural


All the materials used in the shoe come from natural resources and are biodegradable with no chemicals or toxics. We use leather, bioplastic, cotton, rubber and wool.

  • Tanned with olive leaf


The leather we use known as ´Olive Green Leather´ is the most sustainable leather, made with olive tree leaves that would otherwise be discarded. Olive leaves are traditionally burned, so using them in this way cuts down on CO2 emissions. Unlike normal leather,´Olive Green Leather´ has no chrome or other toxic substances so it is non allergenic.

  • Handmade Shoes


Yecosoul shoes are hand crafted in one of the best factories in Spain. Each shoe is individually prepared to give uncompromising comfort and lastability.


  • Made to last


Yecosoul shoes are designed to be worn comfortably every day. To this end they are crafted with an invisible seem that gives a much greater degree of comfort and elliminates chafing, a wool foam that is soft and supportive and helps to allow the foot to breath. The heal is the perfect hight for correct posture support and the rounded toe allows  the wearers toes to be held naturally without being squashed.



Launching Yecosoul, is just the first step. Whether or not you are able to support us at this point, join us in our eco friendly footwear revolution. You can subscribe to our mail list and follow us in our social media platforms.

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